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MY NAME: Billy Ray Chitwood

MY BOOK: “The Cracked Mirror, Reflections of an Appalachian Son” – A fictional memoir (more truth than fiction)

MY MISSION: To promote “The Cracked Mirror…” and my other fictional books that will be coming in the next few months.

PLEASE see some excerpts and more author information at: www.wix.com/brchitwood/thecrackedmirror 

THE STORY: About a young boy with emotional debris trying to find his legacy and meaning in the adult world of glitz, glamour, and grown-up toys. He teaches school, works in textbook publishing, owns a business, and becomes an actor, all the while carrying some piled-up guilt and remorse. There is a senseless murder, a suicide, a family disconnect, all part of the emotional baggage he carries from place to place … searching, endlessly searching. In the end, there is some reason for hope and for redemption.

THE STORY tracks not only the central character of “The Cracked Mirror, Reflections of an Appalachian Son” but of the author himself. The book is a fictional memoir but it is mostly true.

PLEASE enjoy the read.


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